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MotoGP, Quartararo furious: Yamaha are "sleeping" and "no one gets angry”

“I'm slower than when I was a rookie with Yamaha. Today I wasn't even able to overtake whoever was in front of me, risking crashing."

MotoGP: Quartararo furious: Yamaha are "sleeping" and "no one gets angry”


Fabio Quartararo was forced to swallow yet another bitter pill today. After missing out on Q2, the Frenchman did not go beyond 12th position in the sprint race. His regret and disappointment for all the difficulties he is having to deal with is plain for all to see.

“Tough day – he said – especially on the qualifying, I didn’t expect to be that slow. I put two new tyres on and I’m only three tenths faster. So, this was a proper disaster. And then in the race, as soon as we are behind one rider, we are not able to stay with them.”

Fabio remembers the past.

“When I was a rookie I was faster with the Yamaha and I didn't even know how to ride the bike compared to now that I have more experience. At the time I arrived at 1'36", now I stop at 1'37". It's not normal that when you put a new tire on in qualifying you improve by only three tenths, since at least you should lower by at least six tenths."

There is therefore a big problem to be solved.

“The rear tyre is not so bad, but the front – I’m turning and I’m turning straight. I’m not able to lean the bike. Even in the first start, I would have stayed in exactly the same place because I’m not able to overtake, I’m not able to stick with the front guy – whoever the guy is.”

El Diablo finally tries to shake the team into doing something.

“We're going to have to find a solution and change the mentality of the team because I think we're more sleeping than doing something good. There will be tests on Monday, but we will only have two things to try. We are not doing enough and this is missing in the garage”.

However, there is a positive note in all of this.

"The only thing I save is the first start, but it can't always go so well, in fact I was behind at the second. The accident? I think it's a normal episode of the race, which in the end went well, seeing as no one got hurt"


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