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MotoGP, Ippolito: "The penalty for Marquez? Better to take away some points"

The former FIM president intervened on the matter: "penalties like the Long Lap work well during the race, otherwise there are others that are better"

MotoGP: Ippolito: "The penalty for Marquez? Better to take away some points"


The penalty of two long laps inflicted on Marquez after the accident caused in Portimao is still holding centre stage in these days. As we have written, Honda filed an appeal after the FIM Stewards had imposed it on Marc first for the GP of Argentina (which he will not participate in due to injury) and then specified that he would have to serve it in the first race he will participate in .

It was a significant defect of form, which the Japanese team will remember for some time to come. Regardless of how things go, former FIM president Vito Ippolito referred to the matter on his Twitter profile.

Here's what he wrote: “Rules and common sense. This type of penalty (Rule: Long Lap) must be imposed at the first opportunity that arises (Common Sense). However, it seems to me that this type of penalty works well during the race but not for the following ones. Better other penalties (e.g. points…)".

Ippolito's reasoning is clear: the regulation must be interpreted to be effective. As Marquez crashed in that incident, it was impossible to penalize him during the race, so to settle the matter the Stewards should have taken away some points in the standings to bring the matter to a close.


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