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MotoGP, Paolo Simoncelli: "Marquez is an added value, Bagnaia was heroic"

"There were a lot of fans in Jerez. It felt like Imola in the 70s. I'm happy with Farioli and Lunetta. After a difficult qualifying session, they redeemed themselves in the race."

MotoGP: Paolo Simoncelli:

The Spanish Grand Prix excited both fans and professionals, thanks to the large turnout and the battle offered on the track by Bagnaia and Marquez. Paolo Simoncelli wasn’t indifferent to all this. As usual, he took stock of situation and didn’t only limit himself to the results of his SIC58 Racing Team.

This is what he said:

"Jerez 2024. Second European round. It's already Saturday. I'm on the wall outside the pits. I raise my eyes, look around. I feel the warmth of all the fans, and boom. I leap back into the past. Imola 1970s. The hill behind the crowded Rivazza corner. What great times! Here, in Jerez, there are rumors of 300,000 spectators (ed. number officially announced on Sunday, but the result of an error, then corrected to 181,000) who were able to enjoy exciting and adrenaline-fueled races. An epic performance for two wheels.

And since we're talking about it... we witnessed two exciting MotoGP races, both the sprint race and the classic race, and I wonder why the 'Sunday' pundits are always ready to point a finger and criticize all those who try to win, if it obviously doesn’t come at the expense of their pupils. Let me explain better. Commenting is the easiest job in the world. I'm doing it now, too. Everyone does it at the bar. As they say, ‘we’re all phenomena off the playing field’, but I hope to do it by identifying myself and knowing the facts. So I wonder why, at least once, these opinion leaders aren’t able to put themselves in the shoes of the riders who risk their lives in every  race, giving us crazy emotions. I mean, I don’t think not making mistakes is that easy when you’re on the edge and you’re doing things outside the box. Can we forgive something, or are we the police?! Do we want flat and colorless races, or do we want a little excitement?

I still think Marquez is an added value for the show. But, this time, Bagnaia was heroic. I hugged him and congratulated him.

But let's come back down to earth. Let's get back to us. On this winding track, full of more and less old memories, the Moto3, which has now become the ‘festival of penalties’, has also raced. I’m happy with the races we’ve had. Farioli and Lunetta had difficult qualifications due to paranoia and wet rounds but, in the end, they redeemed themselves in the race. The first started of thirteenth. It made me discover a side of him that I didn’t know. He’s aggressive, determined, and precise even in scuffle. I admit that I didn’t expect it. He then got in front of the group with which he battled all the time.

The experience gained in previous races, problems, and briefings were useful for Lunetta. In Austin, caught up in the heat of the moment, he rode without results. Here, he figured out in the middle of the race - after losing several positions - that this wasn’t the case. He calmed down and, after taking a deep breath, he decided to listen to our advice, to stop riding in a ‘nervous’ manner. He started having fun (racing with good times), and rode a Honda the way it should be ridden. I’d say, good.

The tests that took place these days confirmed my feelings. The riders were fast, trying out some new solutions. Now, all we have to do is wait for the response at Le Mans that will tell us the truth ... And who knows if we’ll be able to say … ‘Vive la France’."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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