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MotoGP, Puig and Repsol Honda appeal against Marquez penalty

The team principal has decided to oppose the moving of the sanction from the GP of Argentina (in which Marquez will not take part), as initially written by the FIM Commissioners, to the GP of Austin

MotoGP: Puig and Repsol Honda appeal against Marquez penalty


Well, it was to be expected: the Repsol Honda team, but it would be better to say Alberto Puig - acting in a stubborn and contrary way as is his character - has filed an appeal against the rectification of the double long lap penalty - initially assigned by the FIM Panel for Rio Hondo - to the 'next Grand Prix' in which Marquez will participate, i.e. Austin.

We wrote HERE because the rationale of the law for the imposition of a sanction is to enforce it, i.e. execute it. But we also added that the FIM and Dorna should equip themselves with people who are a bit more culturally on the ball in positions of leadership. Because issuing an official press release is not like writing a shopping list. Words matter.

So here is what Puig had to say on the matter:

"In relation to the sanction imposed by the FIM on Marc Marquez for the race incident that occurred at the Portuguese Grand Prix, the Repsol Honda Team considers that the modification of the penalty, consisted of a change of criteria on when the penalty should be applied , and that this modification was issued by the FIM two days after the initial sanction was final and definitive, is not in line with the current regulations of the FIM for the MotoGP World Championship. For this reason, the Repsol Honda Team intends to use all the means of recourse offered by the regulations in force to defend its rights and legitimate interests, which it considers violated as a result of the latest resolution adopted, and in particular has duly submitted an appeal before the FIM Appeal Stewards".

Now, Puig is absolutely right: the FIM Panel made a mistake. It should have written 'next race' from the start, of course. But the attempt to try to avoid the penalty for Marc, at Austin, in one of his favourite circuits and where he is almost unbeatable, while understandable, is wrong. It risks further compromising the image of one of the most talented riders to ever hit the tracks of the world championship.

Right now Marquez doesn't need another win, but he does need someone who really considers him and looks after him. Someone who gives him the best possible advice for the continuation of his career, not for the war machine that he is undoubtedly on the track.


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