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SBK, Lecuona falls twice in Mandalika: “It’s mentally hard”

VIDEO - Falling in the FP2 exasperates the Spanish rider: “It’s one of my worst days since I’ve been on a Superbike. ”

SBK: Lecuona falls twice in Mandalika: “It’s mentally hard”


It’s a black Friday at Mandalika for Iker Lecuona, and he’s really frustrated, which is understandable. After the highside in the FP1, the Spanish rider risked the same in the FP2, returning furiously to the pits.

The former MotoGP rider wants to be clear and transparent in defining the Honda situation on this first day of free practice on Asian soil.  

It’s mentally hard,” he said, “Today, I had to deal with two falls. Fortunately, I’m fine, even if I have pain in some parts of my body, like my buttocks and foot. The first fall was like last year when I had that violent highside and ended up in the hospital. The problem is that I fell on the first lap, where I was even four seconds slower. This compromised my confidence, since we had started out calmly, and I didn’t expect a fall at the first lap, so I used the FP2 to try to get back in the right mental space and be able to ride. I want to really thank the team for the hard work they did to repair the bike in time for the second session, and to Leon Camier and Kuwata-san and all the team members who supported me and didn't put pressure on me, trying to give me good energy. In the FP2, we did our best to work methodically and do things step by step, focusing on improving the sensations, and we managed to somewhat do so, but the lack in grip in the rear made me fall  again at turn ten. It wasn’t an easy start to the weekend, and it was a difficult time for me mentally, especially considering what happened here last year. I’m also a bit exhausted physically after suffering from some gastrointestinal issues over the last couple of days. Anyway, now we need to check the data and understand what happened and what we can do to progress tomorrow.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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