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MotoGP, PHOTOS - Step fairing with the new Yamaha

The M1 has followed the path started by Aprilia, but that's not the only aerodynamic innovation shown today in the Sepang tests: lower diffusers also on Quartararo's bike

MotoGP: PHOTOS - Step fairing with the new Yamaha


Fabio Quartararo wasn't lying yesterday when he said that this represents his first real test since he's been with Yamaha in terms of the amount of new things brought. In Japan they have been working hard over the winter to update the M1 in all aspects.

At Iwata, in recent seasons, they had lagged behind the competition in terms of aerodynamics and have every intention of closing the gap in the short term. We already talked about the new wings during testing, but they are not the only innovation, because two more appeared on Quartararo's bike today at Sepang.

One is the 'step' that Aprilia introduced first, a solution later tested by both Honda, Ducati and KTM. From today the M1, which has used very angular shapes for this aerodynamic element, also features it.

Another 'must' of the 2023 MotoGP bikes are the lower diffusers, of which Ducati claims paternity. Only a few hours ago KTM had unveiled its interpretation of this solution and Yamaha has also followed a similar path.

All the new features, for the moment, have only been mounted on Fabio's bike while Morbidelli, after trying the new wings, has returned to the 2022 aerodynamic configuration.


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