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MotoGP, Cecchinello admits better results were expected with Marquez and Nakagami

"Alex needs more time to perfect his communication with the engineers, for Takaaki the podium is just a matter of fine-tuning"

MotoGP: Cecchinello admits better results were expected with Marquez and Nakagami


It is not an easy moment for Honda and, as a result, also for the LCR team headed by Lucio Cecchinello. The RC213V is struggling to find competitiveness and Alex Marquez and Takaaki Nakagami are also paying the price, two riders who after their good performances last year were expected to take another step forward. Instead, everyone still has to grit its teeth and pull through and Lucio is fully aware of this.

“With Alex we are of course looking forward to improve our results - he explained to - We expected better results, but you also have to be honest and every time you start a project with a new rider, it sometimes could take time to establish the right communication between the rider and the engineers to let them understand each other. At this moment we know that we need to improve and we have no doubts about Alex's potential, we just need a bit more time. It has been a difficult start of the year with our bikes, but we are working very hard to improve”.

With Taka the harmony is now consolidated, but that long-sought after podium is still taking a long time to come.

“Nakagami has shown good potential in a couple of races, of course we expect a podium with him and I think it will arrive soon - Cecchinello said - He feels very good with the bike, it's just a matter of the last fine-tuning. We are receiving a lot of parts from HRC to test and we are honoured and glad to test for them, it is always an interesting job ”.


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