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MotoGP, Vinales increasingly frustrated at lack of answers and respect from Yamaha

"They say ‘Let him go out to collect data’, it's sad but that's the way it is. I've wanted to go home since Friday". Morbidelli: "we can't overtake with the M1"

MotoGP: Vinales increasingly frustrated at lack of answers and respect from Yamaha


Which one is the real Yamaha? The one that arrived on the podium with Quartararo, the one just inside the points ridden by Rossi, or even those of Morbidelli and Vinales, who brought up the rear of the classification at Sachsenring? The question is interesting, the problem is that not even those directly concerned seem to have an answer. Indeed, Maverick is speechless…

“You want to know what happened? I also asked Yamaha but no one answered me - said the Spaniard after the race - Now I really want to go home, as I already had yesterday and the day before yesterday. As a rider I feel very frustrated ”.

The problem he is suffering from is the well-known one of lack of traction…

“As soon as I open the throttle the rear wheel skids a lot - he clarified I have been saying it since Portimao and there is no solution. It is true that we are working, but six races have already passed to find a solution. I really try to be calm, I try to work, I try to do everything. Now my job is only to collect data, it's sad but that's the way it is ”.

To make matters worse, he found himself in the worst possible position today in the race.

“When I had like 15 laps behind Marini and Bastianini, I could not pass them. I prepared really well, downhill, everything – they have more power, they brake later. I’m sorry but with this bike it’s impossible. When I arrived to Morbidelli I overtook quite well, because against a Yamaha it is much more easier but with the Ducati it’s so hard.”

Not that Morbidelli's mood was any better. Knowing he had to start from the rear, he tried to make his M1 as effective as possible under braking. Succeeding a bit, but little has changed.

“I couldn’t overtake anyone, I reached the braking point too far away – he reiterated his poor engine performance - I know it's bad, but that's the way it is. Even Vinales, who is a bit faster than me on the straight, couldn't overtake. Our problem is this and so we have not been able to show our true potential ”.

For Franco, at this moment, it is better to think of Assen…

"It's a track that I like, in 2019 I had a good race and I hope to go well this year too - he recalled - Usually the Yamaha does well and, with such small gaps, the balance can change very quickly. You don’t need much to find yourself on the other side of the sheet. I really want to fight for something interesting ”.


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