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MotoGP, Marini: I’ll have to work out in the gym to improve changes in direction

“Ducati worked very well in Qatar, and it’s a pity that we didn’t get everything I could have. I would’ve liked to have achieved a better result. I’m happy that we’ll be seeing new tracks.”

MotoGP: Marini: I’ll have to work out in the gym to improve changes in direction


Luca Marini finished the weekend in Doha with an 18th place. Starting 13th on the grid, tire wear caused the Avintia team rider lots of problems. But #10 is satisfied with the work done in these first two races and the results obtained regarding knowledge of the bike.

During these two race weekends, I learned a lot about the bike,”  Luca declared after the race. "I feel more comfortable, and  I figured out which areas I’ll have to work on more in the gym. On the upper part of my body and, in general, on my arms, in order to improve in change of direction. As for the race, I learned a lot about the tires. After ten laps, they drop a lot, especially on the right side. I tried to manage as much as possible to save them, but riding was difficult.

Are you happy to go home? What will you during this time?
“I’m happy that Qatar is over, also because I’m very happy to be able to race on a new track in another country. I’m certainly not happy with the result. The first thing I’ll do as soon as I return to Tavullia will be to eat a pizza because I miss it a lot, and then I’ll start training more to be ready for Portimão.”

Despite today’s result, which was not very satisfactory, is the outcome of these two races positive?
We started a long way back, and now we’ve reached a good level. It’ll be interesting when the track changes, because it’ll be the first time for me with the MotoGP on a track other than Qatar. I’ll be interesting to see the gap from the leaders and if I’m immediately happy with it. A more complicated period will start now, which is why I’d have liked to have reached better results here in Qatar. Ducati works very well here, and it’s a pity that we haven’t managed to achieve everything I could have.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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