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MotoGP, LIVE – Farewell to the great Fausto Gresini at 6 pm

VIDEO - A live broadcast in memory of the champion, manager, and great man, along with Paolo Scalera, Carlo Pernat, Paolo Beltramo, and Carlo Florenzano

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Fausto Gresini was a great champion on bikes, a top-level manager and, especially, a wonderful man you could be friends with, share your passion for motorcycling, and even simply exchange small talk between enthusiasts. Tonight, at 6 pm, we’ill broadcast live on our  Facebook page and our YouTube channel  to say farewell to Fausto, like friends do.

In addition to our Paolo Scalera and Carlo Pernat, Paolo Beltramo and Carlo Florenzano will also  be there to share memories, speak of the man Fausto was, and maybe smile a bit during such a difficult moment. Fausto Gresini was a great friend, and it’ll be nice to remember him like this, perhaps with some unknown anecdote that will shed light on his personality, his spirit, and his approach with the world of racing, with which he was deeply in love, at that loved him in return. Everyone will miss him but, tonight, it’ll be nice to talk about him and have him among  us, smiling as he always did.

Watch our special LIVE broadcast at 6 pm on Facebook and Youtube.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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