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MotoGP, A final embrace for Fausto Gresini, Capirossi: “It’s hard to find friends like him in life.”

WIth a tearful voice, Loris recalled his long friendship with Fausto. His wife, Nadia: “We'll continue your projects and show the world who Gresini Racing is.”

MotoGP: A final embrace for Fausto Gresini, Capirossi: “It’s hard to find friends like him in life.”


Loris Capirossi, his voice broken by tears, recalled his long friendship with Fausto in a live streaming on Facebook.

Fausto meant a lot to me, but the most important thing is that he’s a great friend and will be for life,” he said. “We spent wonderful moments together. I owe my first world championship also to Fausto. At the time, we were teammates. From there, our relationship became even stronger. This is something no one would ever want to experience them. He was a volcanic person, he never stopped, he was always smiling. To think that I can no longer give him a hug, joke with him, destroys me. But I want to remember him as he was, as a great friend. A person who was always there when you needed him. And, I assure you, it’s not easy to find important people and great friends along your path in life.”

I don’t know how to live this moment. I think about his family with all my heart,” he continued. “I can only say that I’ll miss him very much. Seeing Fausto there, his motorcycle, his suit, is something truly sad. I would have liked to hug him again, but I embrace him with my heart. I’m sure he’s watching us, and he’ll miss us as much as we’ll miss him.”

Sergio, a family friend, then read a letter written by Fausto’s wife, Nadia: “Bye, my love. You’ve lived the last months in hell, but you never gave up, and you fought with all your strength to come home to us, because you told us that we were your strength. The head physician of the hospital also fought with you, Dr. Nicola Cilloni, who did his best without ever giving up to get you back home to us. Your great strength, your great love, will accompany us throughout our lives. You have given so much to this world and, above all, you have taught me and our wonderful children so much. We'll  continue your projects just as you would have liked. Nothing will be the same without you, but we’ll try not to disappoint you. We love you, and we’ll love you forever, and we’ll miss you to death, but I know that you’ll always be with us, and that you’ll guide us and give us the strength to face everything. We’ll stay on track and show the world who Gresini Racing is.

His son Lorenzo also wanted to say good-bye to his father one last time: “I really wanted to say good-bye to my dad. Bye, babbone. You’ll always be our greatest treasure. It’s impossible to put into words the essence of the person you have always been. A  real man with balls and who always had a solution for every problem. You're the driving force of this family that so longed to embrace you and celebrate another victory with you. I miss you every time I think of you. You supported me in my every decision, even if it wasn’t always right. You loved me as a father loves a son, and I loved you as a son loves a father. Buon viaggio, babbone.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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