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Mattia Pasini: A four-wheeled future in Endurance?

PHOTOGALLERY - The rider from Romagna testing in Cervesina with the Ligier MP3 and a temptation called the European Le Mans Series

News: Mattia Pasini: A four-wheeled future in Endurance?

He’s a native of the Romagna region of Italy and needs very few presentations. In fact, his victories at Mugello remain imprinted in the mind of every fan, where he left over 100,000 spectators on the circuit with bated breath. We’re talking about Mattia Pasini, currently commentator of the World Championship for Sky with Rosario Triolo.

Speed still continues to flow in Mattia’s veins, as he waits for a bike for the 2021 season, which will be starting at the end of March in Qatar. But he also very curious, and so today he’ll be busy in Cervesina testing  the Ligier MP3.

As we all know, Pasini is a car enthusiast. In the past, he’s taken part in two editions of the Monza Rally. And now he has a chance to experience a new adventure in Endurance and take part in the European Le Mans Series.

A challenge that really entices Mattia. Today he’ll start getting to know  the vehicle. It’ll be a test, a sort of first contact, with the hope that cars will represent a sort of second life for him. We’ll then have a chat at the end of the day so he can tell us how it went and what his feelings were.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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