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MotoGP, Pit Beirer: "KTM will give Petrucci what Ducati was unable to do"

"You don't win two MotoGP Grands Prix by chance and we'll be better at offering Danilo a family atmosphere. We'll be able to get the most out of his talent."

MotoGP: Pit Beirer: "KTM will give Petrucci what Ducati was unable to do"


During our interview with Danilo Petrucci a few days ago, it became clear how important it will be for the rider from Terni to be surrounded by a familiar and serene atmosphere in the garage. A situation that perhaps he did not fully experience in his two years as a Ducati factory rider and that he had instead experienced in the previous period spent with Pramac.

Now Danilo is ready to get onto the Team Tech3 KTM, and Pit Beirer, head of the KTM project in MotoGP, has full confidence in being able to restore that serenity that perhaps he has been missing in the last two years. The other three KTM riders are in their second or third season in MotoGP and therefore Petrucci will be the expert rider in the group out of all those on the track. In an interview with our Speedweek colleagues, Beirer seems to almost respond to Petrucci's words and appears more than convinced that he has made the right choice by focusing on him.

"I've already got to know Danilo a bit. He will need the familiar environment that we can certainly offer him,” declared Beirer. “He is a type of rider who has to feel comfortable in his environment. We'll manage this area better than his previous team. Danilo has already won two Grands Prix. You don't become a GP winner in MotoGP by chance. You have to have incredible rider talent to win a Grand Prix in this class. It is now up to us to get this talent out of Danilo."

The certainty of having a competitive bike is a decisive element in KTM's approach to the 2021 season, a year that will be essential to confirm the massive growth shown in 2020 and perhaps take further steps forward.

“We now have a MotoGP bike that I can say without any questions is competitive. So we'll have a competitive bike and we'll be working intensively with Danilo. Like all four MotoGP riders, he is coming to Red Bull's Athletic Performance Center in Thalgau in January. There Red Bull will help the riders to prepare even more professionally. This project alone is worth an incredible amount for Danilo.”

Petrucci has obviously appreciated this further joint effort by KTM and Red Bull.

“He suddenly noticed that we were taking care of him. We don't want to send him into the race at 2 pm on Sunday and ask him at 3 pm why he didn't do better. We want to take care of him in the winter too, to improve his mind, body, nutrition and training. We know from many other championships that there are many little things that count, and certainly not just the motorcycle. We know that even with a top motorcycle, a rider is not always fast everywhere. With a structure like the APC, we want to make our riders even better and stronger. "

Beirer also spoke about Lecuona, a rider whose potential has not yet been fully expressed.

“Iker achieved three top ten positions in his first MotoGP season. In Misano he almost brought home a sixth place,” said Beirer. “He will continue to improve in his second MotoGP season and benefit from our improved bike.”


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