MotoGP, Fausto Gresini, Cilloni: "Still serious, but stable"

ICU physician at Maggiore hospital: "Treatment has been suspended, but he’s still sedated and connected to a mechanical ventilator to administer an adequate amount of oxygen."


Fuasto Gresini is still hospitalized at the Carlo Alberto Pizzardi Maggiore hospital in Bologna. His conditions are stable but still serious. The former world champion and team manager is in a pharmacological coma.

Below is the statement by the ICU physician regarding Fausto Gresini’s condition.


Doctor Nicola Cilloni: “Fausto Gresini's general health conditions, although still serious, are stable. We have suspended treatment, but he is still sedated and connected to a mechanical ventilator, in order to administer an adequate amount of oxygen. In the next few days, radiological tests will be performed to verify the progression of the illness."


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Translated by Leila Myftija

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