MotoGP, Miller’s good-bye to Crutchlow: “Forever grateful for our mateship.”

Jack’s social media profiles: “An icon for this sport for 10 years. How hard you worked, rubbed off.”


Before I finish the 2020 season and move onto my next chapter, I can’t go on without saying a few words about my old mate Crutch. He’s been an icon for this sport for 10 years, one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever seen. Seeing how hard you’ve worked, it’s definitely rubbed off on myself, and I can’t wait to lock in for the  years to come, knowing all I’ve learned from you. Coming out for the final runs of  Q2 together in Portugal was special, just two great mates enjoyng being on the bike. I’ll be forever grateful to have to share the mateship we have, thanks Crutch.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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