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MotoGP, Marquez: "When I will come back on the bike, my approach and my mentality is only one: attack"

The champion has been answering questions from the fans: "Watching the races from home makes me a little anxious, but I'm learning a lot of things. If it were up to me, I'd come back tomorrow, but I'll wait for the doctors"

MotoGP: Marquez: "When I will come back on the bike, my approach and my mentality is only one: attack"


Marc Marquez has been taking part in a Q&A session organized by Box Repsol during which he answered directly to the fans in a video posted this morning. There is still no certainty about when he will return to the track, as Marquez himself confirmed in the video, but at least the Spaniard confirmed that this injury that took him out for the whole of 2020 will have no impact on his spectacular approach to riding on the track.

"Both morally and physically I feel pretty good – declared a smiling Marquez -  When am I coming back? I do not know, for me tomorrow, but it will not be tomorrow. Anyway I think it will be sooner rather than later. My mentality is the same, I will try to come back as soon as possible, try to be in the limits to try to push the arm, always respecting the timings of the doctors. And then, when I will come back on the bike, my approach and my mentality is only one: attack. For that reason, when I will come back, I will need to have some good conditions, 80 or 90% in my arm for try to be fast from the beginning". 

Marquez explained how he felt in seeing his rivals compete on the track, while he is confined to the sofa at home. At least one positive note was found by the Spaniard…

"Watching the races from home creates some anxiety, anger even, but in the end it is what you have to do and you have to understand it. If that also when you see your main rivals, they are failing, they do not get many points or that in seven races, they do not exceed ninety points, makes you want to return more. It’s interesting to see the races from home, because you can ask yourself so many questions. In the circuit you can understand lots of stuff that happens while you’re riding, but when you are at home, it feels like far away and you ask yourself: what just happened? What is this? What are they trying now?". 

The Spaniard also expressed his perplexity regarding the new communication system between the box and the rider that has been tested recently.

"In MotoGP we have a dashboard, we can receive the messages there, we have many things to do to avoid the radio communications but you never know the future, maybe it will surprise me and I will like it, but the first impression is not good". 

Marquez ended the Q&A by expressing his opinion on what abilities are needed to become a world champion.

"Talent is one of the most important things to become world champion, and determination is really important to know what you need to do every time. Experience you get to do by the time, and then the luck is the last thing". 

Here is the full video of the interview:


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