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SBK, Kawasaki wants to ‘steal’ Chaz Davies from Ducati

EXCLUSIVE - The goal is to place him in the Puccetti team. Manuel: "We spoke to Chaz, he is our priority for 2021, but there is also Laverty"

SBK: Kawasaki wants to ‘steal’ Chaz Davies from Ducati


The rider transfer market is holding court at Magny-Cours where the penultimate round of the season will get underway in a few hours. One wonders what the future will be for Andrea Locatelli and Garrett Gerloff, but also that of Chaz Davies, still grappling with the contact renewal with Ducati.

At the moment, however, there is still no signature, and the Welshman is continuing to look around for alternatives. One of the possible roads leads to Kawasaki. The direct rival of the Italian manufacturer team wants to steal the #7 with the intention of entrusting him to a satellite team. Which one? Simple, Manuel Puccetti’s structure.

“We talked to Chaz in July - Manuel told us - he is our priority for next season. As you well know Davies is a three-time world championship runner-up and I would love to have him with us on the team. Among other things, his riding style is very close to that of Razgatlioglu. The fact is that we need to understand how the situation with Ducati will be resolved ”.

Certainly, an important help from Kawasaki will be needed to attract the Welsh rider...

“Obviously, we’ve discussed the matter with Kawasaki, seeing as Chaz is an important rider. We are very confident in our package because our structure is a solid one and the results of last season were clear for all to see. So I think the seat of the ZX-10RR is attractive for a rider of his calibre. Unfortunately, however, this is a particular period, because COVID has had a significant impact on the teams' budgets and as a result everyone has to evaluate things carefully”.

Kawasaki ‘stealing’ Davies from Ducati would be a major move in the rider market…

“Kawasaki always supports us and we are convinced that even on this occasion they will be at our side to make this deal a reality. As I said we spoke with Chaz in July, we will have to understand what will happen in the next few weeks, because the situation is not easy ”.

Davies, however, is not the only rider you are looking at with interest…

“Exactly, we also spoke to Eugene Laverty. This already happened last year, but in the end he decided to go to a factory team like BMW and I can understand that decision. However, we have been in touch with each other these past few weeks, he contacted us, leaving us a very good impression”.

Finally there is the internal path, represented by Mahias…

“With him it would be a traditional path of growth as happened with Razgatlioglu. Lucas may be a surprise in time, but he needs to be supported. By Estoril we will try to close a deal for next season ”.

During the week, however, came the news of the separation from Forés...

“After last year's podiums and Razgatlioglu's victories, I don't deny that we expected something more. Unfortunately this 2020 has been an abnormal year for everyone, where COVID has had a significant impact on the budgets and consequently the plans of every team. We have lost some sponsors, and have also taken part in far fewer tests than the other teams. I believe that all these aspects, put together, have made themselves felt ”.

And how bad do you feel about that?

“Perhaps, with more time on the track, the results would also have come. Personally, I am of the opinion that the Kawasaki is one of those bikes with which it takes more time than the others to gain trust and confidence. Razgatlioglu, despite being an ace rider, took a year and a half to reach certain levels. Obviously, separation between us came about by mutual agreement and I can only wish Forés the best for the future, hoping that he will stay in this paddock "


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