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Want to know what happens inside a tyre? Just mount a GoPro to find out!

The idea is crazy and the video became viral in a few hours: mount an action cam on the rim, with a light and LED to observe what happens inside the body while driving

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


We all might have been curious in the past, but not one of us actually thought about putting a camera inside a wheel to find out what happens. The idea came to an American YouTuber specialized in ‘curious’ videos and it has had a great success, given the approximately one million views achieved in the first two days ...

The man attached the camera to the channel of the wheel rim, installing a LED light and a power bank to power everything and ‘Bob’s your uncle’ as they say. Thanks to a connection with a mobile phone, it also monitors the images remotely.

The video is certainly interesting, because it shows the deformation of the tyre, but don't try and do the same, both for your safety, but also for that of your action cam! The author of the video did not actually go very far, clearly to prevent the centrifugal force from rattling the GoPro around inside the wheel, with obviously negative consequences.


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