STRIKING NEWS: Cologne, Intermot 2020 officially cancelled

The news was in the air, BMW and KTM had long since opted out, but with the unofficial withdrawls of many other manufacturers, the cancellation was almost expected. And now Eicma?


The 2020 edition would have started on October 6th, like all the other even years (since it's a two-year event), and it would have anticipated a part of the innovations that we were supposed to see in Milan at Eicma 2020.

The text of the official press release: "After having consulted and coordinated with the main sponsor, IVM, and the stakeholders in our sector, we decided to cancel INTERMOT 2020. We made the decision, keeping in mind the health of our visitors and partners. Unlike other fairs that are more B2B-oriented, large events such as INTERMOT receive tens of thousands of visitors in a short period of time over a limited surface area. The proximity and the possibility to share experiences is an important part of our event. The current recommendation is that large events such as ours should not be held and that the incentive of many visitors, who do not know whether they will be able to travel, should be taken into consideration."

In fact, it says nothing we can't agree with, and that's why, although there's always hope, we don't know how we can imagine visiting the most important event in the world of two wheels, EICMA, with all the events and shows that the fair in Milan usually hosts, on its usual date in early November.

And, in wanting to make a comparison, Germany suffered minor consequences, compared to Milan and Lombardy, which are the areas most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

No news, on the other hand, is linked to the hypothesis of postponing Intermot for a year, with a date that already seens to have been set  for the 2022 edition, from October 5th to 9th.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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