Copioli: "Seeing the riders on the track was a unique sensation"

PHOTOS - FMI's president: "We hope to start with our sports calendar again as soon as possible."


During this period, every little sign of recovery is positive, and being able to see the riders back on the track is undoubtedly a great relief. The reopening of the Misano World Circuit has put a smile on the face of both the riders and the FMI, head by its president, Giovanni Copioli.

“We're excited," Copioli stated, "because it's a special day, and hearing the noise, smelling the smells of the track, is a real dose of positive energy. The riders are elated, and we hope to be able to start again very soon with the sports programs, since we have a calendar that is waiting to unfold for the excitement of all fans worldwide."

Among hand cleaning dispensers, masks, and physical distances, everyone's attention was drawn to the new asphalt, which was completed just before lockdown.

The foundation is undoubtedly excellent, given the long process that led to the choice of materials. In fact, seven "test fields" were set up, namely, paved areas of about 200 square meters each that reproduce stretches of track which are useful in carrying out various tests, including grip, so that they will be able to define both the composition of the compound to use and the method of execution.

Photo credits: Misano World Circuit

Translated by Leila Myftija

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