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MotoGP, Pedrosa: "Statistics? I won more than Rainey, but he was a Martian"

"Every rider has his own magic. When I won, I felt a feeling of peace. We would all like to be like Valentino in relationships, it used to cost me a lot"

MotoGP: Pedrosa: "Statistics? I won more than Rainey, but he was a Martian"

Dani Pedrosa was the protagonist, together with the Spanish motocross rider Jorge Prado, of Carreras cruzadas, the latest Red Bull podcast hosted by the journalist Vanessa Guerra.

For the KTM test rider, it was an opportunity to look back over his career and talk about the unusual aspects of racing. Starting with what it feels like to win a race…

“I just cannot put into words the sensations that you feel when you win - he admitted - Even when you don’t win for a whole year, for various reasons, it is a feeling so special that you continue to search for it even if it doesn't arrive. Even if it is something that doesn’t last long, just the time of the podium or the last lap. I can describe it as a feeling of peace. I remember that I felt it in 125 and 250, when I was travelling home, I said to myself: I did a great job. "

The switch to the premier class changes things a bit, the pressure is totally different…

"On a media level, when you arrive in MotoGP, it's like going from day to night, it's all more intense - he explained - In MotoGP you don't just have to race a bike, you have to manage the press, the sponsors, and I'm an introverted guy, it used to cost me a lot. Sometimes they asked me if there was something wrong with me, but I was actually calm. Valentino is a rider who always keeps people entertained, we would like everyone to be like him, but I have always had my own character ".

Dani also spoke about the start of his career…

“I discussed with my father for a year whether to continue racing or study, then I decided on the bikes, the decision came from my heart. But it was more difficult to convince my mom - he smiled - Being a rider you lose your youth, that period between 15 and 20 years when everyone thinks only of having fun, you don't live like your friends. I travelled, I did other things, I was always focussed, and I thought about training. I don't regret anything, but you mature before time”.

Becoming a rider, for Pedrosa also meant being able to meet my idols.

"I was watching the races with my dad, at the beginning of the ‘90s there were Rainey, Schwantz and Doohan, then Criville arrived. I followed the 500, I didn't know much about the minor classes. I really liked Mick and when I met him in person, he was still a rider, I found him different from how I imagined him. I didn't speak much English, I didn't understand everything he said, but I found him quite serious. Rainey instead surprised me, I always saw him super concentrated but in person he was the opposite, incredibly open".

Dani also said that he doesn't like to make comparisons between riders, especially from different generations…

“Each rider does things in his own way; everyone has his own magic. In the end we look at the numbers, but I never liked doing that - he said - If you say to me I have won more races than Rainey, I tell you that I can't believe it, for me he was a Martian ".

Pedrosa also spoke of the many injuries he has had in his career…

“Why do riders want to get back on track as soon as possible? Because there is no one else who will score points for you, the championship does not stop - he explained - Many times I had injuries that I kept secret from the team and the press, it was nothing serious. There are times when you can force yourself, you have to do it on a mental level too, it is important to give yourself some tests to keep your head strong "

Finally, Dani remembered his first and last GP…

"The first time you don't know what will happen, the last time you do - he smiled - It's sad, it's time to stop doing what you like and it's difficult."



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