Norton bought by TVS India for 16 mil

Over 120 years of motorcycle history purchased for "a handful of Pounds". Now we can hope for a relaunch of the iconic English brand.


The buyer is an indirect subsidiary of TVS Motor Company Limited, an Indian colossus that produces millions of vehicles and has a turnover of billions of Euros. Someone will also remember them as BMW's partner for the production of the small 310s, which are manufactured in India. The amount of money it takes to take home a piece of motorcycling history, the Norton brand - which seems to have been worth about £ 16 million - kind of makes you want to smile . Founded in 1898, it is one of the motorcycle producers with a  most fascinating past and history. Since the 1990s, however, it's had its ups and downs, from when it closed in 1992 to its the subsequent attempts to relaunch.


This operation closes  Norton's debt. The money collected will, in fact, cover the claims from banks and other entities. But what is more interesting is to understand the future of the English producer. TVS is a giant, also with a long history (dating back to 1911), controlling about 90 companies. It could, therefore, be foreseeable that Norton will maintain a certain autonomy, continuing to produce in its current English location. However, there will be important synergies and, above all, economic resources for carrying out new projects.

It's starting off with the Atlas 650, a naked twin-cylinder that is interesting in itself, but which has so far found it difficult to take off precisely because of the financial troubles that led to its problems in production. The positive thing is that TVS has bought a company that is in difficulty, but that hasn't been at a standstill for long, so it'll be able to start again as soon as this period we're currently living through will allow it. And who knows if there will also be a return to the world of competitions for one of the most fascinating and long-lived brands in the history of motorcycling.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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