MotoGP, The letter from IRTA to the teams: "Media and PR are not necessary"

Here is the letter that was received today by the World Championship team managers: "Only vital staff will be able to participate"


MotoGP looks as if it is getting closer and closer to a restart. But, as we anticipated in the last few days, and as we went into further detail today at 15:00 in our Live interview with Fausto Gresini (HERE), it will perhaps be a restart behind closed doors and with only staff considered vital by Dorna to carry out the event. In confirmation of this, today Mike Trimby sent a letter to all the team managers of the world championship, clarifying the situation and asking them to compile a list in which they should indicate only absolutely indispensable staff. This would leave hospitality (with all employees), press officers and the press itself out of the paddock. These possibilities are leading to considerable discussion among professionals (we also talked about it with colleague Massimo Calandri from La Repubblica).

We will see if in the next few days Dorna will further clarify the situation, meanwhile here below is the letter that the teams received this morning.


"Dear All,

I hope that you, your staff and your families are keeping well during these difficult times.

You will have seen that, unfortunately, Dorna have already had to announce the postponement of several events and, with some, it has not been possible to confirm a new date for the events.

Dorna are working hard to secure new dates but are constrained by not being able to forecast when governments will reduce restrictions on travel or mass gatherings of people. Accordingly, one option being investigated by Dorna is the possibility of holding some events “behind closed doors”. This means no spectators and also no team guests, including sponsors with permanent passes.

To get government approval for such events it would be necessary to indicate to governments the number of people required to put on an event and, most likely, their nationalities and from which country they would be arriving.

We are attaching a form which I ask you to complete and return as an Email attachment as soon as possible. You should list on that form details of the very minimum staff that you would need at a closed-door event in Europe to safely run the races. If, on the other hand, you consider that a physical presence is not essential at such an event then please also advise us.

As only working trucks will be admitted you do not need to include hospitality staff or workers involved in their setting up. Other staff not deemed vital would include PR and media staff and perhaps some management personnel. Many of these could operate from their home bases whilst maintaining live links with staff at the circuit.

If you have any queries on this matter, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Mike Trimby"



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