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MotoGP, Abraham’s hopes still lie with Aprilia: "A week to decide"

From Noale they told Karel that they need more time to decide. The Czech rider could be used for testing, but probably not as replacement for Iannone

MotoGP: Abraham’s hopes still lie with Aprilia: "A week to decide"


Hope springs eternal and Karel Abraham does not want to give up his own hopes of returning to MotoGP. A crack for him appeared when Andrea Iannone was found positive for doping tests. Aprilia suddenly found itself facing the problem of having to find a replacement rider, while waiting for the sporting justice system to run its course.

At this moment, everything and the opposite of everything could happen, so it is impossible to predict how long Andrea's suspension will last.

The Czech rider then knocked on the door of Noale to offer himself as a candidate, after being left out by the Avintia team, which preferred Zarco to him.

"Abraham has contacted us and obviously he would be eager to return to MotoGP" confirmed Romano Albesiano, Aprilia's technical director.

A decision has not yet been taken and it was Karel himself who reiterated it, on the occasion of the party for his 30th birthday organized by his fan club.

"They told me they still need a week before making the final decision," were his words reported by Speedweek.

However, it looks unlikely that Abraham could replace Iannone in the event of a disqualification. Aprilia already has Bradley Smith and plan A would be to promote the British test rider. This does not mean that Karel cannot be hired for tests. Aprilia is about to bring the new RS-GP to the track and riders are needed to give as many indications as possible.

Biaggi has not ridden a MotoGP bike for many years and Savadori (another option proposed by Albesiano) has practically no experience in the premier class.

Abraham could lend a hand in the development of the bike, so he’s keeping his fingers crosses while waiting for an answer.

Translated by Julian Thomas

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