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MotoGP, On the 'Panoramica' with Rossi: the road where I became a rider

VIDEO. Valentino talks about his own beloved 'track' aboard a Yamaha XJR, joined by friend Albi Tebaldi

The Panoramica is a special road, one of Valentino Rossi's first 'tracks'. Miles of twists and turns that lead to Pesaro and on which the Doctor honed his riding skills as a youngster.

Now that all his dreams have come true, he returns to that asphalt with one of his mates, Albi Tebaldi. Rossi chooses to ride the Yamaha XJR 1300 Mya (a special edition dedicated to the Doctor) while Albi is on a legendary RD 500.

"This is the Panoramica, a very significant road for me, because I grew up here and became a rider on these roads. We would come and ride our scooters here when we were kids, it links Romagna to the Marche" comments Rossi in the film you can watch by clicking on the image above.

Translated by Heather Watson

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