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MotoGP, Yamaha at Misano with a new carbon swingarm

A significant development by the Iwata manufacturer that has never created anything similar before. Rossi and Vinales will also test a new 2020 engine specification and an exhaust 

MotoGP: Yamaha at Misano with a new carbon swingarm


The Yamaha mission is as simple to voice as it is hard to achieve: to be competitive at every track and have a bike capable of fighting for the title. Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales have been vocal about asking for new parts in a short space of time, and they were already able to test (in part) the 2020 bike at Brno. Misano now brings more new components, both for this year and next.

As for the current year, the big news is undoubtedly the carbon swingarm. A significant new feature for the Iwata manufacturer, that has never produced anything like this for its riders before. Then there is also a new exhaust, to test and perhaps use already over the Misano weekend.

Looking to the future, the main new component is of course the engine. Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales have already been able to test the first 2020 version at Brno, and now they can work with the second specification in Misano, as they move one step closer to the definitive version.

Photo credits: Marzio Bondi


Translated by Heather Watson

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