MotoGP, Rossi: "Lorenzo back in Ducati? It could be"

"The results on track with Honda are not good, while last year he was fast. The 2020 Yamaha prototype? The right way to work, maybe something has changed"


Valentino smiles as he listens to the news of the day at the Red Bull Ring: Lorenzo's possible return to Ducati. Rossi can enjoy the market news with a certain distance, considering it doesn't affect him directly.

I thought Miller and Dovizioso seemed a bit woried and I understand, but Marquez was too and I don't know why. Do you think he fears him more on the Ducati? It could be”.

The Doctor shared the garage with the Majorcan for a long time and knows him well. This is why it's interesting to hear his opinion. 

I'm surprised by this news, like everyone. After the news of my retirement, I take it all with a pinch of salt, but it could be I guess. Looking at his results, Jorge is struggling with the Honda, while he was fast with the Ducati last year”.

It's not exactly science-fiction.

Like I said, I don't know if these rumours are true. Lorenzo is a Honda rider with the factory team and he'll manage to ride the bike. He was also unlucky to hurt himself before the winter tests, which is a crucial time, when you can test for six days with no pressure. Coming to the GPs like this is difficult, and then he injured himself again, he's in a tough situation for sure. I'm convinced that, with time and a little mroe luck, he can be fast with the Honda too.

All in all, Rossi is a 'possibilist'.

It was almost a pity for Ducati that Lorenzo left, why can't he return? It will be interesting to see what happens”.

Ducati seems to have a talent for losing its best riders, Bautista the latest example.

Every rider has a different sotry. Perhaps Lorenzo felt a distance in a difficult moment, while Bautista is a little less obvious because Ducati seems strong in SBK. Anyway, money is something that can always tip the balance”  he laughs.

The Doctor also comments on Baldassarri, Bulega and Foggia's departure from the VR46 Academy.

Every year something changes, Lorenzo, Nicolò and Dennis' stories are different and we won't be together next year. We're seeking new faces, it's not easy, but I think we'll find something”.

Valentino then returns to his role as rider and touches on the Brno test, when he tested the 2020 Yamaha.

This is the way to work, before the sign that something has changed. We'll have to wait and see but this initial contact was important. This year we have six days left, at Misano, Valencia and Jerez, to take steps forward. We still have a lot to do, especially with the engine."


Translated by Heather Watson

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