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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Spending more would avoid problems"

Andrea critical of the works at Silverstone: "Certain situations must be prevented. We will not race if it is not safe, the decision is ours"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "Spending more would avoid problems"

I’m not an expert on certain work. I have simply informed myself a bit, that’s all. However, I say that perhaps sometimes you need to spend a bit more money and not have problems instead of getting cheated.” Andrea Dovizioso appropriates the old proverb ‘those who spend more spend less’ to comment on the situation that arose at Silverstone.

However, the damage has been done now…
In fact, these problems should certainly be prevented. We riders can only say our piece in Safety Commission and our opinion is heard, but maybe we need a sort of inspection unit when a circuit is resurfaced. Instead, now we place ourselves in the hands of those who are entrusted with the work. An agreement is made and the amount that is to be spent weighs on this decision.”

However, it is the riders who pay the consequences…
Our job is to race. Other people must take care of certain things. It is clear that something wrong was done. In 2015 we raced in heavy rain, whereas today, without it raining a lot, there were big problems.

However, tomorrow it could be others who decide that you must race, you or the riders in the other classes…
We riders will decide whether or not the conditions to race are there. I am not worried about the possibility of being forced. A lot will depend on the weather conditions we find tomorrow. If there is aquaplaning, quite simply, you can’t race.

What do you think of the decision to move the race time up?
It is a desperate attempt because nothing else can be done. We rely on luck because there is no other possible solution. It is clear that the MotoGP race is the one with the most interest, so it is given priority.

Did you talk about the new asphalt in Safety Commission yesterday?
Yes, we asked for it to be redone. Clearly something was done that was not good. It is not possible to have more dips in the new asphalt than there were in the old. And then today, like I said, without any incredible rain, there were big problems.

It’s a pity, after a Ducati one-two that hasn’t happened since 2006…
It is a result that confirms the competitiveness of our bike, but the conditions were very particular today. The track was half dry and half wet. Both Jorge and I were good at interpreting it best, like Zarco did too.”

If it does not rain tomorrow, what kind of race would you expect?
I think that on a dry track, Viñales is the fastest, but I am close to him and I think that I have the cards to play against him.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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