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MotoGP, LATEST: Dani Pedrosa will try to race at Austin

But the Spaniard warns: "I feel better, I won't know my real condition until I get on the Honda"

MotoGP: LATEST: Dani Pedrosa will try to race at Austin

It proved to be a black Argentina GP for Dani Pedrosa, who crashed out of the race after coming into contact with Johann Zarco. The accident caused the Spaniard to fracture his right radius, which saw him undergo surgery at the Dexeus hospital in Barcelona. The operation, carried out on 10 April, involved inserting a titanium screw to encourage the reduction of the fracture.

Despite the successful outcome of the surgery, there were still doubts as to #26's participation in the GP of the Americas. Today's news is that Dani will be present at the Austin circuit and will try to ride his Honda and take part in the American round. Before he can do so though, he will need the OK from doctors on Thursday.

The Spaniard is feeling confident: “Since the operation, I started feeling a bit better every day. I’ve been doing exercises to gain mobility and reduce the inflammation. Little by little I'm recovering muscle tone, and this allows me to see some progress."

Pedrosa is not going to get carried away though:It’s difficult to know our real possibilities. We’re going to a difficult track and until I’m back on my bike I won’t be able to really know my situation. But what’s clear to me at this moment is that it’s well worth it to travel and try. An important part of my strength to go to Austin comes from your messages of support, so thank you very much to all of you.”

Translated by Heather Watson

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