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SBK, Ruiu to join Rolfo in team Grillini

Gabriele is a young rider who will make his official debut on the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 at Donington Park, after he turns 18

SBK: Ruiu to join Rolfo in team Grillini

Here we have another new-entry for 2018, albeit one who will only participate from Donington Park onwards, at the end of May, because the regulation does not permit his taking part before that.

We refer to Gabriele Ruiu, a very young (17) and promising rider, who rode a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 for team Phoenix Suzuki, in the CIV championship this season, as well as competing with team Trasimeno in Superstock with a Yamaha R1.

And it is with a Suzuki, that of team Grillini, that Gabriele will make his 2018 World Superbike debut, joining expert rider Roberto Rolfo, who will be on track right from Phillip Island. Ruiu, who has also gained experienced in Europe, is welcomed by team manager Andrea Grillini: “Gabriele impressed me with his talent and innate speed. He is keen to do well and we will do what we can to ensure he's in the best situation to be able to express himself with our GSX-R 1000. Unable to ride before Donington, Gabriele will train and follow the team during the first rounds, before officially beginning his 2018 adventure in the UK".

Ruiu has the necessary enthusiasm and cannot wait to measure up against the  strong Superbike field: “I have to thank team Grillini - comments Gabriele- this is a big opportunity for me and I want to pay the team back by bringing my full commitment and professionalism”.

Before Donington, team Grillini will run another rider alongside Roberto Rolfo, and will announce who this is just as soon as the agreement is finalised.

Translated by Heather Watson

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