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MotoGP, Mexico and... Malaysia: Valentino's helmet for the tests

PHOTO. Rossi's winter test graphics revealed, inspired this time by Huichol art

MotoGP: Mexico and... Malaysia: Valentino's helmet for the tests


The term Huichol probably means little to you, but the unique art that this Mexican population produces will appear at the MotoGP tracks this winter. It's become traditional for Valentino Rossi to use a special helmet during winter testingand this year he has opted for graphics inspired by this Mexican tecnique.

The final result is, as ever, worth a thousand words as you can see from these images (published by Aldo Drudi's Drudi Perfomance that created the work).

Putting it simply, Huichol art involves outlining shapes with coloured threads, an effect that is recreated on the Doctor's helmet with the use of various brushes. One more thing, the helmet was entirely hand painted by Davide Degli Innocenti.

Mexico and Malaysia, with Valentino debuting the new graphics at Sepang, where he will test today and tomorrow along with Vinales and Zarco.

Translated by Heather Watson

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