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Tragedy at the Macau GP: Daniel Hegarty dies

The rider lost his life after a violent collision with the barriers on lap six, Polita: "Macau? Not even the TT scared me that much"

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The 51st edition of the Macau GP proved to be a tragic one. This year's event, taking place on the Guia track, between high-rise buildings and walls, resulted in the death of Daniel Hegarty. As shown in the video, during the course of lap six, the British rider lost control of his bike while entering a turn, running into the barriers at high speed as a result.

Race direction immediately stopped the race in order to allow medical staff to intervene. According to the official release, Hegarty passed away as he was being transported to the Conde S. Januario hospital.

Alessandro Polita was also taking part in the Macau GP and finished eighteenth. He spoke to after the race and his words leave no doubts as to the danger of the track:  “After my first lap, I considered going home  - reveals Polita -it's not easy to adapt to this track. This year I've taken part in Road Races at different road tracks. Macau is one of a kind, surrounded by walls. You can't see what's coming next, so you need to ride by memory. Perhaps you think there's a chicane, or vice versa”.

To give a better idea, Polita adds: “In all my years of racing, never has a race made such an impression, not even the first time I did the TT. There are walls here, and they are unforgiving. You always need to keep a margin ”.

Photo: credi Proctor Fotography.

Translated by Heather Watson

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