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MotoGP, Dovizioso: I'm fighting against one of the best Marquez's we've ever seen

"At Sepang Marc will be able to manage the race but I have almost nothing to lose. I won't alter my approach, the situation is difficult but not impossible"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: I'm fighting against one of the best Marquez's we've ever seen

The day of reckoning is coming and Dovizioso will need to be able to turn a complicated situation around. Making up 33 points to Marc is no easy task, though the great thing about MotoGP is the unpredictability of its races. Andrea just needs to take a big breath and face the weekend as he usually would.

I am extremely pleased with the season has gone - he states - We were never able to fight for the title until now. No-one would have thought we'd still be fighting at Sepang”.

No regrets after Phillip Island?
We could have done a little better without my initial mistake but we were not fast. it's a pity because we lost a lot of points”.

And Sunday will bring Marquez's first match-point…
He can now manage the situation but I'm remaining positive, I'll keep trying until the maths rules me out.

Do you think Marquez will race with a calculator in his hand?
I'm sure that Marc will push if he feels good in the race, he'll follow his strategy. From mid-way through the championship he's been extremely competitive, fighting for the win in practically every race. He's taken a lot of risks but has also scored any points. This is now the right time for him to think about the championship”.

Do you think you are up against the best Marquez of all time?
It's hard to say because I wasn't fighting for the title in other years (he laughs). I want to say yes, because no other Honda rider has been up there at the front like him. It's definitely one of his best years.

But you don't feel beaten yet…
I'm in a difficult situation but nothing is impossible. Realistically, as I've said, Marc is in great shape but I'm not forgetting the fact that I was just 11 points behind him up until a week ago. This means I'm in with a shot, I just have to think about myself and give it my all ”.

This is a favourable track for the Ducati.
So everyone says but perhaps they're forgetting that we haven't been quick in the dry at Sepang. Having said that, we were fast last winter, though testing only tells us so much. I expect to be competitive, as we've been at almost all tracks this year”.

You could do with an ally…
It depends, because they can also take points away, like at Phillip Island. It can be a good or bad thing, we've seen in the last races that many riders can fight for race wins and podiums. Many points can be won or lost”.

Will you ask Lorenzo for help?
I don't like team orders, ours is an individual sport and then there are also disadvantages”.

So what's the strategy?
I'm relaxed, happy and have almost nothing to lose. I don't need to change my approach, just work well with the team as we've done all year”.

You've won 5 races until now, how important is that?
It's a very significant result, but not the most important aspect for me. That would be the fact we're fighting for the title until the end”.

Many think that the Ducati is the most competitive bike in the championship, do you agree?
I'm pleased it's given the fans this positive impression, we've done so well that one forgets the actual situation. The results might make it look as if we have a superior bike, but it's not really the case”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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