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MotoGP, 'At the movies' in the Phillip Island grandstand

Bigger seats with arm-rests and drinks-holders. Track safety also improved with the removal of artificial grass

MotoGP: 'At the movies' in the Phillip Island grandstand


Phillip Island will host the MotoGP in late October and, this time, spectators will be able to enjoy the race in even more comfortable surroundings. As reported on, the grandstand at the Doohan corner (the first turn) will get a new-look. Not just bigger seats, but also arm-rests and drink-holders, so that fans can enjoy the race... as if they were at the cinema.

Of greater significance are the small safety-related modifications to be made to the track, on the indications of Franco Uncini, FIM safety representative. The artificial grass, very dangerous in case of rain, will be removed at the exit to turns 4 and 10, and replaced with concrete. Turn 2 will also get an additional 30 cm strip of concrete around the outside.

Translated by Heather Watson

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