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MotoGP, Santa Claus Pernat: Iannone has Belen... I'd give him a sedative

PART 2. The manager's tongue-in-cheek gift distribution continues, this time it's the riders' turn: "Pedrosa needs a portable shrine"

Santa Claus Pernat: Iannone has Belen... I'd give him a sedative


Our Father Christmas is called Carlo Pernat and in part one, he had fun distributing the first Christmas gifts to the manufacturers who compete in MotoGP. However, he has many more parcels in his sleigh to deliver and today he turned down the lane where the riders live.

We asked the Genovese manager to prepare gifts for the top 10 ranked MotoGP riders and Pernat proved once again to be a rather brusque Father Christmas.

Here are the gifts for the riders who finished from 6th to 10th place in the championship this season.

FOR PEDROSA TWO SHRINES AND A SMILE - “Pedrosa needs two miniature shrines, one of Lourdes and one of Fatima. Then Santa should prepare a concoction for him, a bottle containing excitement, a smile and character. I think he is still in time to do it.”

FOR CRUTCHLOW A DEMIJOHN OF SEDATIVE - “Crutchlow can have a demijohn of sedative as his gift. He is a great rider. He is technical and people like him. He embodies down home motorcycling, but he ends up in the gravel too often. He would need some flasks of this concoction at every Grand Prix race, but then we would run the risk of calming him down too much … let’s leave him as he is! (he laughs).”

POL ESPARGARÒ NEEDS TO REMEMBER HIS TALENT - “Pol received the best gift at birth, because he has great talent, truly a lot. Every year, St. Nick reminds him of that with a card. Now he needs to wear a pair of glasses so he can read it well.”

IANNONE ALREADY HAS BELEN, I’LL GIVE HIM A SEDATIVE - Iannone has already received his first gift: Belen, and that is a nice gift for both of them. He deserves it. They make a good couple because they are two real people. Now he needs a few drops of sedative as well. If Santa had brought it to him last year, perhaps in Argentina that disaster could have been avoided. He could use a bit of it.”

A MAGIC WAND TO ERASE BARBERÀ’S MISTAKES - Barberà needs a magic wand to go back in time and not make all the mistakes that he has made in his career. Father Christmas gave him great talent as well – in spades. Perhaps he should have given him a wife too; a woman who would make him ‘straighten up’ and maybe he would have done more. For him there is no more need of a manual – it’s too late now – and it would have to be at least 400 pages long.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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