SBK: the full line-up for the 2017 season

The provisional entry lists have also been published for the Supersport and the new Supersport 300 categories


The SBK line-up is practically complete and the FIM has today published the provisional and updated list of riders signed up for the 2017 season. The grid will comprise 21 riders, 3 less than in 2016, which is not a good sign, despite the fact that the number of manufacturers taking part will remain the same, with 7 competing in the series (Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta and Yamaha).

British riders make up the lion's share - there are 5 of them, headed up by world champ Jonathan Rea. One more than the Italians (Melandri, Savadori, Badovini and Russo), but the same number if we count San Marino rider De Angelis.

Of 21 starters, 19 are European while Hayden represents America and Mercado riding for Argentina.

The Supersport grid is made up of 30 riders, 24 of which will take part in the world championship while 6 will fight it out in the European Cup (including two Italians, Zaccone and Cretaro). 6 manufacturers will compete, with Kawasaki having the most bikes on the grid (9), followed by Honda (7), MV Agusta and Yamaha (both 5), while Triumph will have 2 bikes, like Suzuki that will only feature in the European Cup.

Italian feature heavily in the Supersport category with 8 riders: Caricasulo, Pizzoli, Baldolini, Gamarino, Roldo, Canducci, as well as the aforementioned Zaccone and Cretaro. In terms of nationality, there's more variety in the 600 series than in SBK, with Turkey, Japan, USA, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and New Zealand all represented, in addition to the 'usual' European countries.

The final entry list regards the newly created Supersport 300 series, which has enjoyed a great deal of interest, with 35 riders competing, though for now there are still three empty seats. There are thirteen Italians taking part, accounting for more than one third of the grid: Aloisi, Pontone, Rovelli, Triglia, Coppola, Carbonera, De Gruttola, Giacomini, Settimo, Facco, Bastianelli, Grassia e Cupaioli.

There is also one woman in the 300 series, Ana Carrasco, who rode in the Moto3 world championship in recent years. Numerous nations are represented including, from outside of Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, New Zealand, Ukraine, USA.

In terms of bikes, there are 3 possible choices: Yamaha is the preferred choice with 20 riders, Kawasaki has 12 while Honda has just 3.


Translated by Heather Watson

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