Moto2, Wayne Gardner may be released today

The former champion has been held for 12 days at the Shimotsuke police station, 120 km from Tokyo


Wayne Gardner's nasty experience in Japan should come to an end today. As you will recall the 1987 500 cc world champion was arrested at Motegi after an altercation with another driver a few hundred metres from the track entrance.

He is being held at the Shimotsuke police station, 120 km from Tokyo, until the case is resolved. Not even able to watch TV, the former Australian champion should return home today, 12 days after the event. In Japan, the accused can be held for up to 23 before an arrest is confirmed. In the meantime, his son Remy has continued to compete in Moto2 with team Tasca. His father will return at Valencia.

In Japan, Gardner has received help from the wife of Mamoru Moriwaki, the famous trainer with whom Wayne worked in the 80s.


Translated by Heather Watson

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