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MotoGP, Luca Marini: "I'm happy to be in Honda, and so is Valentino"

"HRC and I have the same goal, that of winning. With Marquez's farewell, a new era is beginning. Too much aerodynamics? The MotoGP bikes have become easy, change would be a good thing"

MotoGP: Luca Marini:

Luca Marini already seems perfectly at ease in the role of rider for the official Honda team. On the stage of the presentation in Madrid he speaks Spanish and smiles, he knows that his choice to wear these colours was not the easiest, but he has the right determination to face it. “The bike is very beautiful, let's hope it's also fast - smiles Luca - For me, being in this team is a dream, I'm very excited to be here and I feel an incredible feeling every time I enter the garage. We want to fight for victory again this year, that's our goal. I really want this season to start. I also talked about it with Valentino, we are always in contact, and he is happy that I am here."

A new chapter is opening for HRC, without Marquez, the rider who marked the recent past of the Japanese brand. “Marc represented a piece of Honda's history, but I am focused on my work, and I believe a new era is beginning” were Marini's thoughts.

What are the next steps to take?

“I think right now it's very important to understand how to ride the Honda, but every time I get on the track it's easier. Then we will have to be able to have a competitive bike to fight for the victory in the shortest time possible. I'm giving 100% to succeed, to communicate my feelings in the best possible way."

How are you going to tackle this season?

“With a positive outlook. The gap to the leaders now is not very small, we must work harder, but we have a clear direction to follow. We are working well and thanks to the concessions the bike will also improve during the season. Furthermore, there is Joan who knows the Honda better than me and I want to learn the secrets of this bike from him."

Why did you choose to take on this challenge?

“Honda is in a complicated moment, but it is starting to recover, and this push has given me the motivation to be here. We have a common goal and for a rider it is important to be in an official team, in particular this has always been my dream."

In the Sepang tests the aerodynamics reigned supreme, is it time to limit them?

“The bikes have become easier, and the rider makes less of a difference than in the past. The tyres have also improved a lot and the differences between one bike and another, or between the satellite ones and the official ones, are minimal. It's harder to overtake, a change might be good for everyone."

There are 21 Grands Prix on the calendar, 42 races with the Sprints. Are there too many?

“We must do what the organization decides. As riders we should be ready for everything. I think it's important that the team becomes a second family to be mentally relaxed in the GPs. It will be a very long season and we will have to talk among ourselves to understand how to solve the problem of the many injuries. Having said that, more races mean more entertainment, more money, it's better for everyone."


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