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MotoGP, Binder pushes for a union: “We must be one voice”

The KTM rider agrees with creating a union that unites the riders, but he doesn’t agree with those who criticize the Sprint Race: “I prefer to race to the limit than not.” And regarding the numerous races on the calendar, he stated: “The races are at the top, meeting with the media is worse”

MotoGP: Binder pushes for a union: “We must be one voice”

Brad Binder proved to be one of the most constant riders in the 2023 Sprint Race, even leaving his mark on two of the scheduled events: Termas de Rio Hondo and Jerez de La Frontera. Maybe this is why the South African hasn’t hidden the fact that he loves the format which led the GPs to double up and that, in 2024, will be made up of  44 races.

Last season, I was under the impression that Saturday’s races were harder to face on a physical level because, in Sunday’s races, you have to pay more attention to tire wear and management, in general. In mini cars, on the contrary, it’s from the first lap. It's like doing ten or twelve laps in qualifying,” he told SpeedWeek. “Personally, I prefer it because I love pushing to the limit, rather than saving the tires until the end.

And if many colleagues are frightened by the massive commitment that will affect them starting in March, the 28-year-old shrugs: “There are, in fact, many rounds, but I have a different attitude than the others, because I can’t go home every week. I’m based in Europe from January to December, so my only interest is to compete, do my job well, and to have fun,” he explained. 

So, in Brad’s opinion, Dorna shouldn’t listen to those who ask for a reduction in weekends with the double Grand Prix. “It may seem like a lot, also because you travel constantly. The rider makes an important effort, and you take a lot of risks, but, in the end, it’s what I love to do,” he cut to the chase.

For many in the profession, it’s really not the trips or battles on the track, but it's meeting with the media and also public relations activities, which have always been considered a source of stress by the entire paddock. “Especially last year,” he admitted. “That’s why I didn’t go to the garage as much as I would’ve liked, not to mention the tight schedule that includes qualifying on Saturday morning and, in the afternoon, the race. We spent a lot of time with the press.”                                                                                                                                                     

Lastly, Braad spoke about the creation of a riders’ union. This is something the KTM rider approves of. “I think it’s a good thing for the future. It’s good that the protagonists of the championship meet and discuss problems together. There are topics we all agree on, so it’s always good to speak as a single voice to make changes.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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