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MotoGP, Carlos Ezpeleta approves of riders' union: "There's nothing wrong with it"

"It's right for them to meet with each other. Their opinion is held in high regard and not only for safety and sport. Commercial issues are also among those discussed, so we as organizers are open to dialogue."

MotoGP: Carlos Ezpeleta approves of riders' union:

For months, the riders of the motorcycling world championship have been consulting to find the right formula to give shape and life to a union that protects their rights, a bit like what happens in F1 with the GPDA. Currently, to discuss safety issues, there is the Safety Commission, which meets every race weekend on Fridays, involving in addition to the direct protagonists the promoter Dorna. However, at the recent Portuguese GP, the riders met in the IRTA offices to try to take one more step toward the creation of the association.

In this regard, the website, within the podcast "Por Orejas", asked the sporting director of the series Carlos Ezpeleta for his own comment. "I think the opinion of the riders has been taken into great consideration since the beginning of the 2000s and not only from the safety or the sporting point of view," he said.

Alarming the key protagonists in the category is the increase in the number of world championship events to 22 and the inclusion of the Sprint Race on Saturday. "lot of changes are being addressed in the championship, so in some situations they agree and in others less so," the Dorna CSO continued, "In any case, they always have a say. Lately there is more willingness to unite and you can see it in other sports as well, but personally I don't see it as a drama. On the contrary, it gives us great pleasure to listen to them because they are our heroes and ambassadors. For example, from what I know, they are also discussing a lot about the commercial aspects, which have an impact on us as an organizing body and even more on the teams. At the end of the day, the riders are neither ours as Dorna, nor of the category, but of the racing teams, so as a result dialogue cannot and will not be prevented. So we welcome the dialogue. We have a direct relationship with them and we are happy with the work we are doing together."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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