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MotoGP, Morbidelli: “Let's talk about it in 2024 before saying I'm no longer competitive”

“MotoGP is not valued enough and the journalists who don't cover it to the fullest are also to blame. We need to take inspiration from the NBA, having a serial winner is too easy"

MotoGP: Morbidelli: “Let's talk about it in 2024 before saying I'm no longer competitive”


A chapter in Franco Morbidelli's history closes in Valencia. In fact, the Roman says goodbye to Yamaha and from Tuesday he will be in action with the Ducati of the Pramac team, where he will pick up the baton left by Johann Zarco, the latter heading to LCR.

This will therefore be Franco's last dance with the M1 in Valencia, with the aim of leaving a good memory.

“It's normal for such a big change to lead to bad feelings – he began – in Yamaha I got along well with all the people in the team and parting ways hurts a bit. At the same time it is impossible to remain with that melancholy, if I look at what awaits me in the future. In fact, in 2024 the best team of the year will welcome me and this gives me great joy."

Will Pramac be your last chance in MotoGP?

“A rider always fights for everything in the races and I am aware of being in the spotlight, given that I won a World Championship and fought for a MotoGP title. In recent years I haven't lived up to expectations, but I don't think Pramac will be my last chance. I race races, I'm a rider as best as I can and I want to fight for titles by improving to reach my goal. And I will do this until the last day I am in this Championship. I understand that the results, as well as the gap to Quartararo, may make people think that I am no longer competitive, but let's talk about it next year."

Franco, last week with Sinner mania, the ATP Finals in Turin overshadowed MotoGP in Italy. What do you think?

“MotoGP is not valued enough. We are a large pool of subscribers, nostalgic for the old days who no longer watch it because Rossi stopped. It is certainly a shame, because this MotoGP has reached a stellar level, where there are great battles and eight-time world champion riders who finish fifteenth not only because they don't have the Ducati. There are also many facets, things to talk about, but unfortunately they are not told to the fullest extent by the media."

What to do then?

“We need an improvement, which could help, as well as a raw star, which could be Pedro Acosta. Someone like him has indeed impressed and that type of sportsman transcends motorcycle racing. Perhaps this could bring MotoGP back to having a much broader interest, obviously if he were to confirm the results."

Maybe a serial winner is missing…

“It's too easy to have serial winners like Rossi, Ali or Woods. We need to do like the NBA, which was able to promote every single athlete of every team."

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