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MotoGP, Di Giannantonio: "The trouble is not GP23, but the progress of 2024 bikes"

"Maybe we are close to the limit of Ducati 2023 development, but I'm not worried. In Austin I had vibration problems, in Jerez I aim for the first Top 5 of the year "

MotoGP: Di Giannantonio:

After a championship start above expectations in which he has always shown that he has the potential to close in the group of ten, Fabio Di Giannantonio arrived at the Jerez circuit with a good dose of optimism. Starting from the recent Texan appointment that saw him sixth at the finish line, the VR46 rider commented, "Beyond the result, in Austin we were always fast and we collected a lot of data. It's just a pity for the small vibration problem experienced on Sunday, so my Ducati was unpredictable, especially in the corners. In any case now we know what we need to improve and there is always more confidence. This is a track I like and where I also did well in Moto2, winning. The goal is the first top 5 of the season."

About the critical issues he had in America, the Roman rider said, "I am convinced that the technicians have found a solution. That kind of issue, which makes it difficult to take the right line, can have multiple causes and I know Bagnaia had it too. In any case, it was the first time it happened to me."

In light of what has been achieved so far, is the GP23 more difficult to interpret than the GP22?

"It's a little different on some things, but I adapted quickly . Let's say that all the 2024 bikes, not just the Ducatis, have made huge progress. We with the GP23 are already faster than the old 2023s. The trouble is that we are now close to the limit of this version, while the others have progressed. Looking at performance we are going very fast. If we focus on the time attack done in Austin I scored a 2'1"6 and if I hadn't made a mistake, it would have been on the low 2'1". It's likely that we still haven't found the configuration that will allow us to compete with the updated bikes. Overall, I'm not worried. I strongly believe in our technical package and the team is mazingly efficient. I am convinced that when we can find the right set-up and I can bring out that extra quid, we can finish consistently in the top five."

The good finish in 2023 may have contributed to this crackling start. "Finishing well makes you gain a different mindset and be more convinced, but I changed teams and I have to say that my chief technician and the electronics are fantastic, they have crazy experience. The energy inside the team is what makes the difference," he concluded.


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