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MotoGP, Stoner: “Ducati put pressure on Bagnaia instead of taking it off”

Casey admonishes the head honchos at Borgo Panigale: “They struggled to win because of the way they manage the riders. They have to give them more credit.”

MotoGP: Stoner: “Ducati put pressure on Bagnaia instead of taking it off”


Casey Stoner usually doesn’t mince words and goes straight to the point. And he did just that in an interview with  TNT Sport as he criticized Ducati for its management methods. The Australian champion talked about the end of last season, when Pecco Bagnaia was about to win the MotoGP title, and the head honchos at Borgo Panigale seemed to have asked the satellite teams to favor him. He didn't like that behavior.

When they started going up and down the paddock in all their teams, they weren't just asking ’don’t cause trouble for your teammate, stay behind him’, but it was a constructor controlling the situation,” Stoner stated. “I didn’t like seeing this, and I know Pecco didn’t want it either.”

Casey sided with the rider.

I feel bad for Pecco. They caused him lots of stress, and they could learn how to improve in that area,” he said. “They haven’t been good at managing the riders and understanding the pressure they’re under. All they do is think about their size.”

According to Stoner, this is why Ducati had to wait so long before winning the MotoGP riders title again.

They had the best bike for a while, but they still struggled to win a championship until last year and this year,” he continued. “It’s not about the bike, it’s about the way the program is managed. They have to give more credit to the riders, let them have a say. And take the pressure off, not put it on.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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