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MotoGP, Bagnaia: “Barcelona for Aprilia is like Austria for Ducati: they have to win!”

“Here, in Barcelona, it’s like being at the Ranch: the track is really slippery, yet Aprilia manages to assert its great grip. I’m ready for anything”

MotoGP: Bagnaia: “Barcelona for Aprilia is like Austria for Ducati: they have to win!”


The Aprilias were looking down on everyone Friday in Barcelona, but Bagnaia and Ducati are lying in wait. At the end of the FP2, the World Champion was in third place, and ended up being one of the first pursuers. Pecco’s performance wasn’t bad. As always, he was fast and constant.

I used a different strategy than Martin today with regard to the fairing,” he said. “In the end, this isn’t a track where you need lots of downforce. However, I tried the new variation, and I have to say that it helps us a bit more. The sensations were good, with excellent results, especially in long corners.”

Pecco focused on the track.
This track has been at the limit for about two to three years, since there are parts that are rather dangerous. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the asphalt is slippery, and you have no grip. Misano, just to give you an example, has more dips, but it still offers much more grip. That’s something to talk about.

The rider from Piedmont explained in detail.
Here, in Barcelona, it’s like being at the Ranch. Everyone has grip problems. You never have traction. You can’t push how you’d like. In my opinion, it would be useful to talk to all the riders to find the best solution.”

Aprilia will dictate the pace this Friday.
This isn’t an easy track for me, nor for the Ducati, since  I always lack something when there’s little grip. But we managed to start well, partly closing the gap with Aprilia, which still has a clear advantage in terms of traction.”

But Pecco is ready for the scuffle despite the chance of bad weather.
I’m ready for anything. At first, I was worried about the weather, since we wouldn’t be able to race with sixteen millimeters of rain. We’ll see what happens, even if, in case of rain, it’ll be interesting to see how we’re going to ride on the water given the poor grip.”

He was then asked what’s different compared to other tracks.
Unlike other tracks, it’s been years since we’ve raced here in wet conditions. On dry, we saw that it’s really slippery. It’s going to be a different situation for everyone.

Everyone knows the opponent to beat.
This is a track where Aprilia has a clear advantage in terms of grip. Maverick and Aleix are, in fact, very fast. It’s a bit like Austria for Ducati, where you have to win. Here, in Barcelona, the RS-GPs manage to make good use of the frame, like they did at Silverstone.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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