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MotoGP, Borsoi: "We are talking to Morbidelli, but Pramac came about for young riders"

"Bezzecchi has chosen VR46 and an important box on the market is in place. I like Franco and he could feel comfortable with this Ducati, but Pramac's job is really to help young riders grow"

MotoGP: Borsoi: "We are talking to Morbidelli, but Pramac came about for young riders"


Now that Marco Bezzecchi has confirmed that he will be remaining in VR46 for 2024, it remains to be seen who will get on the prestigious Ducati Pramac vacated by Johann Zarco, who is heading to Honda and LCR. The name on everyone's lips is that of Franco Morbidelli, also identified by Paolo Ciabatti himself as the perfect profile in this phase for the team run by Gino Borsoi.

In the Montmelò paddock in Barcelona we spoke with Borsoi about this scenario and also about what 'being' Pramac means today at a time when a team like VR46 is experiencing such impressive growth, almost threatening to grab the role of benchmark satellite team for the Borgo Panigale manufacturer. Pramac's job would really be to take young riders from Moto2 to their debut or perhaps give space to riders with little experience but great potential in MotoGP. But probably in 2024 the pairing of riders will be made up of two who are now more than experts in the category, namely Jorge Martìn and Franco Morbidelli.

It seems that next year you will have two very experienced riders! Out with Zarco, and in with Morbidelli?

"We are well aware that there are some interesting names that have been associated with our bike. Now that Bezzecchi has decided to continue with VR46, it is as if a square has fallen into place, so other scenarios are opening. We can talk about this subject without any problems. but actually, this would be a question to ask Ducati, since they are the ones who choose the riders, they are the most interested party when it comes to saying something more about our future rider".

Do you think Franco can adapt well to the Ducati?

"Obviously I don't have a crystal ball, but all the names are interesting for our team. I have no preferences, even if the circle has narrowed. Morbidelli, who we are talking to now, is undoubtedly a rider of great interest for Pramac and especially for Ducati. I honestly like him very much, I've known him for several years and in my opinion he's a great person. I think he has a style that would fit well with what Ducati is today. If it were to be him, all the better, he will certainly be a rider capable of bringing home important results for the team".

Before, Pramac was the undisputed benchmark team for Ducati, but the growth of VR46 is there for all to see. Do you think something can change in the future?

"Now VR46 is certainly a benchmark team for Ducati, as is Pramac. They've raised the bar, we have to be good at reaching their level and surpassing it. It's a stimulus for me to see such a well-organized team that works well both as a team and with the riders, it's very nice. They are doing a great job and they are certainly a benchmark. I say this with the desire to find the stimulus to do better and better in Pramac. Taking ideas from those who work well is just a advantage, I don't see it as a disadvantage, so well-organized teams are welcome. I also need them to help me understand where to steer the boat".

In your role, you are responsible for nurturing young riders who are then destined for the official team. How difficult is it?

"It's a responsibility for Pramac to be able to help a rider grow. Not only technically, but also tactically. It's about allowing the rider to express his or her potential. For us, it's an important job and not so easy and obvious. Zarco and Martin are both riders who by now have a certain amount of experience, but in theory, riders perhaps promoted from the other categories should come here, or perhaps those who are just starting out in MotoGP".

What does a rider need to deserve the Ducati factory bike in the official team?

"You need to create that correct mentality to become a potential future rider of the factory team. It's not obvious, for us it's like a double commitment. If a young rider comes who needs time to mentally organize himself and aspire to become a champion, we have to be able to help him and not just think about putting the bikes on the track and getting results. It's an honour for me to be able to work with Ducati and do this type of work. It's absolutely not easy or obvious."


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