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MotoGP, VIDEO - Borsoi: "Losing Jorge Martin is the goal of the Pramac team."

"It's part of the project we have with Ducati: to bring riders to the official team. Morbidelli is surprising me, you can't see it from the results but it's coming."

MotoGP, VIDEO - Borsoi: "Losing Jorge Martin is the goal of the Pramac team."

By Tiziano Niero

The Pramac team is on everyone's lips these days: with Martin leading the championship and yesterday, in Austin, he amazed everyone with an incredible time. Pulling the team's strings is Gino Borsoi, who can't be anything but satisfied with how this 2024 has started. "We started very well, it's a great advantage and it makes us calmer because it seems like we don't have any problems, however, a lot of things could change today," puts the team manager's hands in the interview you can see above.

Good news is also coming from Morbidelli.
"Franco is a great talent, he is adapting quickly to the bike and I am surprised. The result of the first races doesn't exactly reflect what I'm saying, but I can see the telemetry and I know it's there, it's coming."

The news these days is the arrival of Liberty Media, what do you expect?
"It will take a year's setup for them to start working at full capacity, I don't expect any changes now, but it's definitely good news for all of us, and I give kudos to Dorna for a great job. This means that, together with the teams, they have taken the championship to such a level that a major company like Liberty Media has decided to be part of this world."

Mamola says in MotoGP riders should be more characters, is Martin already on the right track in this regard?
"Ihave to think about preparing the races, it's not my responsibility to run MotoGP. Everyone does his own job. Jorge is a pepper, but in general maybe what is needed is the desire to be protagonists even off the track, of course always staying within the limits, as by the way Martin does. It feels right to give the public stories off the track as well."

When you are in front, it is easier to be character....
"Jorge proved to be the best in testing and in these first races. Obviously we are only at the beginning of the season and many things can change, I would say that the feeling with the team and the bike is there, we just have to at this level and it will not be easy."

Were you surprised by his time yesterday?
"Honestly yes, especially of the ease with which he lowered the track record. However, we still have to stay with our eyes open, Vinales is there and has a great pace, the other Ducatists will get closer, thanks also to our data."

Do you think it will be possible to improve today?
"Yesterday there is a little bit of wind and it was still easy for Jorge to make that incredible time, so I expect that with a little bit lower temperatures we could do something better. Our goal is not that, but to have a balanced bike for Sunday's race. We learned last year that winning the Sprint is important, but what matters is the long race. We have changed our mentality a little bit."

It seems to be more important in MotoGP to start up front, especially here in Austin.
"The first corners are challenging on all circuits. In MotoGP it's important to be in front, also because of the fact of the pressures and the difficulty of overtaking, having free road makes life a little easier, even if it's not obvious then to stay in the lead."

Austin used to be a Honda circuit, now it doesn't seem to be that way anymore.
"It was when Marquez won, as others were Yamaha when Lorenzo won. We will see whose Austin will be this afternoon and Sunday (laughs). Seeing the data and times from yesterday, it looks like Ducati is doing really well here, too."

Pernat said Pramac may no longer be with Ducati from next year.
"Weare very close to Ducati, we are part of the family, we have the official bikes and we are part of the project to make the riders grow. Wehave a history behind us and there is a special relationship between Campinoti and the top management in Borgo Panigale, I don't see why we should change."

Instead, it is now certain that you will lose Martin.
"That is exactly our plan. I'll be sorry not to work with him anymore, also because we are friends, but that's what Pramac has to do: train riders so that they go through the official team. It isour job and it is right for Jorge, his natural path."

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