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MotoGP, KTM and a swap: concessions for Honda and Yamaha in exchange for 2 more bikes

It's war within the MSMA: while Aprilia (Rivola) and Ciabatti (Ducati) are possibilists, KTM puts its veto on concessions to allow Quartararo and Marquez to become competitive again. But everything has a price. And there is an 'interim' solution, which we present to you here

MotoGP: KTM and a swap: concessions for Honda and Yamaha in exchange for 2 more bikes


It's a standoff. On the one hand Dorna who would like to change the rules during the game by proposing the use of concessions with effect from 2024 for Honda and Yamaha, on the other KTM which, with a right to veto within the MSMA, has expressed its opposition with a blunt 'no'.

The reason is simple: to have a bargaining chip to pass, in turn, the proposal, rejected by Dorna, to have 6 bikes on the track in 2024. In fact, with five riders under contract, the Mattighofen-based company desperately needs to bring in Pedro Acosta, without being forced to 'convince' Pol Espargarò to fill the role of test rider.

And this is a possible way to lift the veto and allow the two Japanese manufacturers to make use of the concessions.

Pit Beirer, Motorsport Director of Pierer Mobility AG with the brands KTM, GASGAS and Husqvarna, is aware of Dorna's proposal, but his arguments are correct.

"These are aspects that have already been described anyway. In principle, they are the 'concessions' that are making a comeback. In principle, there will be a new system of percentage points. And those who are below the average of the best manufacturers will benefit from concessions. It's a relatively complicated system. You must reach a certain percentage of points. If you don't reach that percentage, the concessions will come into effect, and they will do so more quickly than they do today. But there will be no regulatory benefits in the form of more fuel as was the case in the days of the Open Class. The benefits are modelled on the already existing privileges for newcomers in recent years. Dorna has proposed giving these 'concessions' back to Yamaha and Honda virtually overnight".

But Pit Beirer made it clear: "We will not support this proposal."

"We don't believe that either of the two brands is in a situation such as to justify the relaunch of these manufacturers with new concession rules. They are valid and proud factories; they will find their technical path. But they don't need 'concessions' to do so" .

The Pierer Group today invests €70m a year in the MotoGP World Championship and since entering the premier class as a ridiculed outsider (with a steel frame and WP suspension) have invested huge sums to win twice in the last three years with Brad Binder and five times with Miguel Oliveira.

"What should the other manufacturers who fought to get back to the top say? - said Pit Beirer - Ducati fought for a long time to get back to the top after 2007. We and Aprilia are also fighting. Only because Yamaha hasn't won a race yet this year, there is no need to make any concessions."

Dorna has so far refused KTM's request, citing the possible entry of another manufacturer as a reason. The two places vacated by Suzuki's withdrawal can therefore only be used for the entry of a sixth official manufacturer. But since no interested factory can be seen on the horizon, neither BMW. nor Triumph, the option could be to occupy these two places until 2026, i.e., at the end of the current technical rules.

This could be an interim solution. A political but correct solution to end the war and satisfy both contenders, Dorna and KTM, for a common goal: greater entertainment.


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