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MotoGP, Marini: “No contact with Bastianini, I leaned one more degree”

“I did the same move on the previous lap with Vinales. I'm sorry for what happened with Enea. Unfortunately, you can never make a mistake in this MotoGP"

MotoGP: Marini: “No contact with Bastianini, I leaned one more degree”


Luca Marini's Sprint Race in Portimao ended with a disaster after less than two laps. The Mooney rider ended up on the ground, bringing Enea Bastianini down as well, with the latter breaking his right shoulder blade. In the post-race, here is the analysis of the rider from Tavullia on what happened.

“Actually, there was no contact – he began – on the first lap I passed Vinales in the same way, while in the following one Enea went wide. It’s a pity, I just make my line but I was leaning one degree more to avoid any contact with Enea, then I lost the front. My bike hit him and it’s a pity for him because these things can happen.”

Marini did not know about the fractured scapula.

 “I'm very sorry, that's too bad. I just tried to make my line and the front closed. I immediately went to the box to understand the reason for my mistake and in the end it was confirmed. The fact is that you can never make a mistake with this MotoGP."

Now all eyes are on the classic race on Sunday.

“I prefer not to say anything. It will be another difficult race. There are many strong riders like Marquez, Miller or the Aprilias".

The fact is that this Sprint Race has finally gotten underway.

“I think that physically no rider is in trouble to do so few laps. It's more a matter of finding gaps to correctly pass other riders while avoiding contact. Obviously if you start from the front, it's easier. As far as the show is concerned, it was incredible, but the risks increase a lot, because it is another fundamental race. I saw that all the riders were very aggressive and nasty, always on the verge of contact. It will be tough to dispute another 20 races like this."

In all of this, the subject of safety comes up.

“After yesterday's meeting in the Safety Commission it was decided to put the air-fences and new gravel in the first 15 metres. They then told us that changes will be made like at Austin, where they will scrape the asphalt and then level it, hoping that they will clean it up. At Sachsenring, however, the long lap penalty will be changed, while here we are asking for the gravel to be changed. Finally, in the event of FP2 as long as yesterday, it will be evaluated as valid if 50% of the session is completed".  


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