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MotoGP, Miller: “Pecco Bagnaia is now even faster than last year”

“All you had to do was follow him at the last corner to see how much confidence he has on the Ducati. I’m getting better on the KTM. We’re working on the electronics, and I found a decent basic set-up.”

MotoGP: Miller: “Pecco Bagnaia is now even faster than last year”


Just 6 test days left to get used to the KTM, then the first race. Jack Miller – like the other riders who switched bikes – certainly didn’t have much time to adapt to the new situation, and so things get complicated. The Australian rider, also struggled in Portimão and ended the tests in 17th place.

The problem is that I’m two-tenths from the record, while the others are eight-tenths below,” he said.

There were several difficulties that Jack had to take into account, but he sees the glass half full: “I think I’ve progressed towards feeling comfortable on the bike,” he said reassuringly. “Lap after lap, I feel better. I can let off on the brakes earlier and bring more speed in corners. We worked on the electronics, and that’s why I had to spend enough time in the garage. I think we found a decent basic set-up. The race will be different. We’ll have to put everything together to be more consistent.

If he still has any doubts about the KTM, his ideas are clear about who the favorite for 2023 is. And he’s a rider he knows well.

Bagnaia looks faster this year than he did last season,” Miller said. “I think he has more confidence, and it’s pretty impressive to see him ride. I followed him, although not for long,” he said jokingly.And, at the last turn, you can see how much confidence he has on his bike.

Red has been the Australian rider’s color for very long, and he knows how effective the Desmosedici is.

There are some Ducati that will do well,” he confirmed. “The most impressive was Alex Marquez in adapting to the bike. I think he’s happy to have changed. Bastianini didn’t do any important tests, but I think he’ll be there. It’ll be a long season.”

With the important new element, the Sprint Races.

They’re going to be cool, exciting, something new. We’re going to do twice as many races, so we’re going to be twice as likely to show off. I’m usually able to be fast right away.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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