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SBK, Michel Fabrizio: “Dangerous for young guys to race in the world championship without preparation”

“I didn't want to attack Marquez. You need a points license, before you only got to the world championship after proving you deserved it, now a briefcase of cash counts more"

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The death of Dean Berta Vinales has had a big effect on the production-based racing paddock, so much so that for one rider the time has come to bid farewell to racing. This is the case of Michel Fabrizio, who made it known last Saturday that he was saying goodbye to the paddock.

Yesterday evening, the rider from Rome, ex-Motozoo, chatted with us for an hour-long live broadcast. What happened at Jerez was the main subject of the chat on which Fabrizio wanted to dwell to reiterate his concept and make some clarifications: "I absolutely did not want to attack Marquez with that press release from last Saturday - he recalled - what I wanted to say is that Marc is the idol of today's kids, as Doohan was for me at the time, and they want to imitate him on the track without any preparation. All this is dangerous "

On this matter, Fabrizio then put forward some proposals: “We need a points license, but above all we need rules that are respected and measures that are taken when they are broken. Before you only got into the World Championship after having demonstrated it, now the briefcase of cash you carry is worth more. We can’t have a grid of 40 riders and riders who are not sanctioned after they make mistakes ”.


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